Hey there Entrepreneurial, Multi-Day Event Participant...

Wanna Wake Up to Healthy Meals/Snacks

on your Online Event Days?

Don't let the struggle to prepare healthy meals and snacks for your next online multi-day event

hold you back any longer.
Invest in the Done-for-You “Multi-Day Event Meal Kit” today and start

feeding your body while feeding your mind!
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If you’ve ever attended a multi-day online event, you know the excitement they bring - but you probably also know that they are usually fast and furious – getting in as much information and networking as possible – often at the expense of having healthy, tasty meals and snacks that will keep your energy levels high.  

You don’t have time during the event to develop these healthy meals and snacks so you grab something fast – usually something unhealthy😢! You’ve been organizing your time to get the most out of your event mentally and you forgot to think about what you’re going to eat during the event! 😲  

With the Done-for-You “Multi-Day Event Meal Kit” you’ll be able to make sure you're prepared for planning and creating healthy meals and snacks that will help keep you focused during your multi-day event to garner as much beneficial information as possible, and give you more time to spend engaging in valuable networking...

and if you have a family you need to think of,

then this will help feed them too!😉


  • a lack of time

As an entrepreneur, you’re already juggling your time/schedule so you can attend this multi-day online event as it is taking time out of your regular routine.

Then, when the days come, you realize you don’t have time to create healthy, tasty meals/snacks as the agenda is so tight... so you grab something quick and handy – probably something unhealthy!

  • overwhelmed

You find yourself spending a lot of time in your multi-day online events trying to make sure you get the most out of them – furiously taking notes, spending time meeting with other attendees, trying to keep up with the “Chat” and making your own contributions? Let’s face it, as exciting and valuable as multi-day online events can be – they can also be exhausting and leave you feeling overwhelmed.  

With all this taking place, who has time to create tasty, healthy meals/snacks? Because you don’t have a plan of action when it comes to the meal/snack portion of your multi-day online event, you grab something on the run, and this only adds to your feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion.


You find that your lack of time and the feeling of being overwhelmed leads to being anxious?

You’ve paid money to attend this multi-day online event and your regular schedule is being interrupted so naturally you want to make the most of it. But “making the most of it” usually means feeding your mind with all the valuable information and meeting with new people – getting the ‘biggest bang for your buck’!

Now you’re sitting there staring at your screen and it’s time for lunch - you realize that you didn’t plan anything healthy, tasty and easy to feed your body so, once again, you grab whatever is fast and handy so you can get to your next networking session. The lack of time and the feeling of rushing and being overwhelmed makes you feel anxious.

But all your really need is this...

The Done-for-You “Multi-Day Event Meal Kit” solves these problems by helping you plan and prepare healthy, tasty meals that will keep you energized and alert - all for only $17.97!

Lack of time


Save Time

If you could have your meals/snacks ready without grabbing something on the run.

Be Focused

If you could be fully present to learn and meet people without feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Be Energized

If you could enjoy healthy food without reaching for something that will zap your energy.

These are the benefits you'll experience!

Meal Kit for Multi-day online events

"multi-day event meal kit"

Feeding Your Body While Feeding Your Mind!

This program is one-of-a-kind. It gives you everything you need to pull together tasty, healthy meals/snacks for your online event days - it offers you the opportunity to make the very best out of your multi-day event and to be present as you meet like-minded entrepreneurs/possible clients - without having to worry about what you'll be eating. Be alert and energized instead of overwhelmed and tired.

Fresh fruits and veggies

Multi-Day Event Meal Kit

A done-for-you meal plan with healthy, tasty, easy recipes included!

you'll Get:

  • A 4-day meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks for each day

  • Meal ideas that you can take as is or adjust to suit your preferences

  • Meals not only for yourself, but for your family while you're at your online event

  • Recipes and tips to enhance your online multi-day events

  • A great bargain at $17.97!

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

Alexander Graham Bell

there's bonuses!

Meal Preparation for the Week


Meal Preparation for the Week

Part of saving time is being prepared. You organize your time and the days you'll need to attend your upcoming online event. But you didn't prepare for the meals/snacks you're going to need. Here's a quick outline of preparing different foods for a week, along with some handy tips!

A Guide to Healthy Snacks


A Guide to Healthy Snacks

Who doesn't like a snack every now and again, but when you're in your online meeting event, maybe you don't have time to reach for something healthy as well as tasty - well now you can!

Get lots of snack ideas to suit every taste!

The multi-day event meal Kit

Feeding your body while feeding your mind!


  • Done-for-You Multi-Day Meal Plan

  • Easy to follow recipes and tips

  • BONUS: Meal Preparation for the Week

  • BONUS: A Guide to Healthy Snacks

Today's Price: $17.97

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

Benjamin Franklin

"One important key to success is self-confidence...an important key to self-confidence is preparation."

Arthur Ashe

"Be prepared before you begin. You save yourself from delay if you are fully prepared. Preparation sets you for excellence."

Israelmore Ayivor

your questions answered

Question Number One
What is The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit?

The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit is a kit to help you save time and to give you peace-of-mind while you are on your event knowing you have tasty, healthy meals and snacks ready to go when you need them.

Question Number Two
Who is The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit for?

The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit is for busy entrepreneurs who have paid for multi-day, online events and need to be able to fully organize their time to get the most out of their event. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are prepared for not only learning new information for your business or personal life, and meeting like-minded people, but also you are ready for all the meals you'll need to have while on your event.

Question Number Three
How does The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit differ from traditional meal plans?

The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit is one-of-a-kind in that it gives you a simple, easy to follow meal plan as well as the tasty, healthy recipes you'll need. But not only that, it gives you a guide on preparing various food for the week, plus a guide on healthy snacks - all in one kit.

Question Number Four:
How long does it take to see results with The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit?

You'll see results immediately with your Multi-Day Event Meal Kit because you'll be saving time, overcoming overwhelm, and feeling energized and focused from day one of your multi-day event.

Question Number Five:
Is The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit a one-time purchase or a subscription-based program?

The Multi-Day Event Meal Plan Kit is a one-time purchase, but a kit that can be used over and over again for all your upcoming online events.

Question Number Six:

Do I have to stick to the plan and recipes exactly?

The Multi-Day Event Meal Kit is developed with easy to follow recipes that can be adjusted to your tastes. You can increase the amounts if you're also using the plan to feed your family while you are at your online event. You may find that the recipes are ones that you'll continue to use after your event is over!


Let's Cut to the Chase...

You paid for a multi-day, online event that you hope will give you vital information to enhance your business or personal life, and possibly open doors to new clients or well-connected promotors.

As an entrepreneur, this event is taking time out of your regular schedule so you want to make the best of it...planning and preparing meals has not been at the top of your priority list so when it comes time for a meal or a snack, you grab whatever's handy - but not always healthy - so you can get back to your event.

Well, now, you can feed your body while you feed your mind. Get the Multi-Day Event Meal Kit - with a done-for-you meal plan, recipes, meal preparation manual and healthy snack guide.

This kit will help save you precious time during your multi-day event; it will help you stay focused on the information you're gathering and the like-minded entrepreneurs you're meeting; and it will help to keep you energized with tasty, healthy meals/snacks.

Many might consider this kit is priceless, but right now, you pay only $17.97!

Multi-day meal plan ki

The Multi-Day Event Meal kit

Feeding your Body while Feeding your Mind!


  • Done-for-you Meal Plan

  • Easy to follow Recipes and tips

  • BONUS: Meal Preparation for the Week

  • BONUS: A Guide to Healthy Snacks

Today's Price: $17.97